Forces and Spirits of nature has become a natural inspiration in many of my works lately. Cliché it may sound but the infinite realm of the subject has given me the freedom that allows my illustration to mold into its own accord. These are visual stories coming from reality, dreams and whispers. This is the universe through my eyes.


Sometimes it’s hard to give a tittle to something that means universal to me.  There’s a lot of metaphor in this one page, it’s a story , a symbol, maybe a philosophy? Perhaps it’s a combination of experiences that I subconsciously try to encapsulate in a page …

Nature Spirit. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Wonder Woman. Watercolor illustration.2012

The Ghost that molds your thoughts. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Many years ago, I was infatuated with the void and the sky … then as I study through mythology I found Nyx/Nox, Greek Goddess of the night which in a way is similar to Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky. Amazing how I’ve already felt the connection even before I know who they are or what they are, that ancient culture has acknowledged their presence. I’m still trying to find the Indonesian version of this entity. Even though the figure looks like a woman…I have no intention to establish any gender.

Nox. Watercolor illustration.2012