Life in Bali means a lot more to me today than it has been since I moved here 7 years ago even though it has changed so much. The second day of Galungan is something that I have been waiting for the last few years, especially in Payangan village. My family once told me that within their Pura Puseh lived a sacred Barong. He is the king of kings or Dewaraja of Barongs, his name is Batara Gede. He comes out only few times a year to see his people and kingdom.

I wait in front of the house with excitement to see this long procession. Around 10 o’clock in the morning I can see people walking all in white, priest sprinkling holy water to bless every house, gamelan music fills the air, flags dancing in the wind…Here he comes the great Barong king.








I took pictures of the procession but as the Barong king approaches closer…I was frozen. He was so beautiful, charming and mesmerizing that I forgot to take photos. I followed the procession behind him until the intersection. I decided to intercept him a bit later as he goes back to his palace.


Few hours later, I can hear the gong and gamelan from afar. The king is coming back to the palace! I ran to the intersection…forget photos! take video…I thought. Then after the intersection, I ran through a shortcut to film him again before he enters the temple.

Batara Gede, the Barong king of kings from Payangan resting inside his palace.


On this special day Batara Gede has guests from Kedewatan : A Barong and 2 Rangda.  I heard a story that happened the night before. The Mangku ( balinese priest ) in Pura Puseh went into a trance where Batara Gede spoke through him. Apparently King Barong disapprove that his royal guests was brought to another temple to rest which has no direct relationship to them. They should stay either in Bale Agung or in Pura Puseh with the King. So around 2 AM in the morning everyone was busy preparing another procession to walk the royal guest to Pura Puseh.

It’s been quite a day. So much energy ! Now we go home for a coffee and enjoy this simple magickal life.