Personal projects are so much fun yet requires a lot of dedication…something you hear that a lot but only understand when you actually go through it. You are responsible to the outcome of your own creation.

After more than a decade of pursuing my career in fashion, I took a turn to try and revive my passion in drawing and illustrations. Sometime in May 2011, out of the darkness like being struck by lightning … I was haunted and inspired by a Black Sabbath song to create some sort of a picture book depicting the sounds and lyrics. I spent 4-6 months from story board to the making of 40 pieces original water color illustration.

After about a year since I’ve finished my illustrations, I went back to do office work and my black sabbath book had to wait. A black leather bound manuscript filled with images of horror … all dedicated to the one song that haunted me on that stormy afternoon.



Now almost 2 years later but with more time in my hands…I am able to focus again. The last few weeks in between other things, I’ve been working on the layouts,scanning the images to make mock ups of the book. This is my first time using InDesign to layout a book, from looking up online tutorials to meeting up with my graphic designer friend for a hands down InDesign for dummies crash course. I really want to learn how to make and publish my own book =)


At this point … I’ve learn a lot and I will learn more especially when I am about to submit my book for printing. I will self publish this book by the way. Here’s a few snippets of the book below … hope to find a nest somewhere in your house … muhahahahahhaha !




A fight to the last drop of blood …