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An inspiring artist combining sketch & sculpture by David Oliveira from Lisbon. He’s approach to your daily sketchbook doodling and techniques to mold these hard wires that they look soft and organic  is just amazing !

In a glance it looks like an edited photo of a chair with a sketch on top of it…


Still not believing it’s 3D but now you start to see dimensions and shadows…


It’s really a 3D sketch !

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One of my favorite painter is my own friend Song Yue from Xian, China. He had an exhibition at the Synergy building, Jakarta. I love his abstract painting that brings depth of layers , texture and colors. He never really give them tittle and I don’t think it needs any. Leave it to the imagination what these brushes will tell.

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Last night as I was browsing and looking for image references, I end up making a mood board for another story I will tittle : The Black Riding Hood. On this project I would like to combine story telling, character building, illustration and fashion within the package. I’m really excited to proceed with this and see what will happen =)

All the images comes from Fashionary mood blog, I just took what I really like and somehow a mood board &  story concept is born =) So tune in for illustrations on the character & settings.

Thanks for EYE.Fashionary !!  Don’t know them yet ? then CHECK IT OUT !!

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Arrington is an artist & musician from Olympia, Washington USA that brought Indonesian influence to his music and formed a band called Malaikat & Singa ( Angels and Lions ). He arrived to Jakarta last week and had a spontaneous  gig at Ruang Rupa. I bought a CD and a print book, here a sneak peak of it =)

Arrington is in Yogjakarta at the moment perhaps exploring creative & experimental possibilities and he will be touring with his local band soon =) So if you’re in Indonesia …  heads up !! He might come to your town !

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I stumbled into his work about 2 years ago when I was doing a research to create an internal trend presentation. I love the way he would just use regular cardboard and whack it into a dimensional frenzy it reminded me that art is all about the imagination not the material. There’s a sense of harmony within his geometrical chaos with twisted perspective realm.

Check out more of his work at :

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Few months ago my friend Zahir came to Jakarta & Bandung with his fellow Singaporean artists to work on some walls. It was a fun week of hanging out and just watching them have a painting frenzy. This was taken in Badung at an empty lot in Dago atas area.

The People

Kilas & ClogTwo from Singapore with Arks from Jakarta

Work in progress

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I’ve always respected artist who is able to up-cycle or re-use existing material and turn in into a work of art. I also happen to love craft works or anything hand made. Brian has given old books a new breath of life with his intricate carvings … it is mind blowing !!!

Check out his exclusive interview at The Book Surgeon or  check out his website Brian Dettmer 

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Whenever you visit Bandung, check out the Mural park under the Pasupati flyover bridge. My friend Eweng has been working on these neon colored awesomeness for about 2 years. The dream is to add UV light at night … pretty psychedelic stuff here =)

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