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Another delicacy you shall not miss out in Hanoi,Old Quarter. It’s a pile your own stuff consist of rice noodles, yummy spring rolls, mini ” burger like ” meat cake in soup, pickled cabbage and a plate of herb garden.

This is also the first time I came across 333 beer in a bottle. Taste WAAAYYYYY better than the can version . YUM !

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On a fine afternoon we decided to have an exquisite late lunch at the French restaurant La Badiane. Again tucked inside an alley ( it seems all the good places are tucked away in Hanoi ). Anthony La Badiane helped us with our selections and recommended a nice refreshing white wine to complete our taste palette.

The scallop … heavenly !!!

Check out more on their menu here : La Badiane

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Local food is great but sometimes I crave a good sandwich (one that does not include pig’s ear or liver pate aka Bhan Mi), head to 151 Dong Khoi street to find L’usine tucked away inside an alley, take the stairs up and find yourself in a lofty cafe gallery. I always order the same thing : roast beef sandwich and coffee. The price is reasonable, great place , good food & coffee =)

For more info check out

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Banh Cuon is more than a snack but not quite a meal yet it does the job. Fresh rice flour spring roll with meat & mushroom filling, served with various herb, juicy fresh bean sprouts, Vietnam style sausage & chili. We went to a famous spot near the airport, I can’t remember the name … I was too hungry to pay attention.

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Tucked away in the business district, Le Lys brings an amazing home cook food to your table. Open air, friendly and homy with a mini library corner and second floor dining area filled with memorabilia photographs on the wall. Food is AMAZING !!!

Check it out

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Another amazing brunch =)

The potatoes are boiled first then panfried with olive oil while the bell peppers are baked in the toaster oven. Potatoes are mixed with the previously prep onion, chopped chili, garlic panfried with butter and olive oil. Herbs and spices are important. Oven toast cumin and coriander seeds then pound them. Chopped basil, oregano and sage is part of the cooking process. Fragrant & delish ! Throw some chopped spring onion and best to eat with Tapatio sauce =)

Next one is sunny side up eggs on a bed of tortila corn chips ,corn, green onion tips and lettuce with guacamole on top…and of course Tapatio sauce. Don’t forget the bloody mary =)

Yum !!!

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My new year day started great. We decided not to have a crazy night and just went to bed at 2.30 AM on  new years eve. Next day we woke up around 9 AM and start making brunch. The best food in the world is always made by love. Stirling my boyfriend is a great cook. I witness his cooking transformation over the years from text book to pure instinct & taste. It’s an amazing journey he had . He loves food and cooking for his friends & family.

So the day started with opening a bag of kopi luwak bean our friend Jeremy brought from a boutique coffee shop in Jakarta, Anomali coffee.He entered and won 2nd place from the Poetry Slam there then decided to give it as a gift for Stirling and me ( so sweet !! ) . Check out

We’ve never had kopi luwak before … without doing any research on how to make it … i just did the regular way…use the percolator =P

About 1,5 hour spent in preparing this feast and with lots of love the food will definitely taste great =)

The menu :

Salmon scrambled eggs with avocado — very tropical and delish !

Greek salad —fresh

Marinated eggplant, leeks, mushroom,bel pepper and onion — oven toasted with Stirling secret recipe — out of this world !

Toasted country bread from my friend deli – Delicioso- check out

kopi Luwak — i think i brew it wrong hahaha…taste a bit muddy

mimosa with fresh squeezed oranges — fantastic !

Last but not least …. BLOODY MARY !!!

This is definitely the best brunch in the world for me  =)

It’s nice to start a new day with a great meal. I feel so blessed =)

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