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Once in a while I get company while working on my desk. These golden ants love to just walk by, crawl by, check me out … really cute creature =) They look fascinating. I’ve never seen ants this color before .

My friend is a scientist specializing in ants and here’s a few cool ant facts I got :

– All ants we see on the surface like the worker & the guards are female

– Male ants somehow only exist for reproduction, they contribute nothing more to the colony but just that.

– Ants use their body chemicals for everything.

– The queen on laying eggs can decide first hand whether her colony needs more workers, more princess, more guards or more males and use her chemicals to produce accordngly.

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I was walking near my cousin’s house and spotted this beautiful big dragonfly. I don’t know what the proper name is … I’ll see if I can find out. I’ve never seen it like this .

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So my back porch needed more lightning but I don’t want to buy a garden lamp and I want a rustic chic touch. In my storage, lying around was this rattan net thing … I think it’s a traditional fish net. So I decided to give it a make over =)

Some of the original rattan strings were loose so I have to fix that.¬† I used regular white cotton string for this purpose … I just happen to have ball of string around.

My cat, Taco wants a piece of the action … he’s so cute … I had to let him attack the thing hahhahaah!!!!

Okay now I have to fix those loose ends with the white cotton string .

I did a cat attack test … the string I tied was pretty strong so it’s good =)

This is how the net looks now. Unfortunately I don’t know anything about making lamps or electricity but I happen to have a very good electrician/handy man so I asked him to add a light bulb to it. I know it’s kinda cheating but at least I don’t have to buy a garden lamp … I’m making it .. with a bit of help =)

The result , a rustic chic cheap garden lamp that gives a pretty damn good ambiance lighting =)

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Today we did an experiment. We had a few OK but soon to be in a cusp of dying vegetables and we’re trying to use them. I had a crazy idea since yesterday which is to make vegetable soup from what we have in the fridge. The ingredients were :

Coriander leaves, parsley, a bit of spinach … plucked and washed. Carrot, bell pepper, onions, garlic, tomato, ginger¬† … sautee then add chicken stock while simmering. Finally, all of the ingredients dumped into a blender then we added some spinach water we had in the fridge . Blend …blend … blend and taadaaaa !!!

A delicious creamy vegetable soup !! The tomato,bell pepper and carrot mix is awesome and the ginger added some spicy zest to it . It’s great ” wake up ” soup for the body =) This a great soup to eat with breads or steak !

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When i was living in Sanur … my land lord had ducks running around the compound. One day i started feeding them and calling them. Everyday they come to my yard and i quack at them. A year later … they still remember me … as the human who gives food hahahah …. this white one was particularly eager to get close to me in the pool =)

Then the rest followed …

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The good thing of coming back home to Jakarta is when i go through my mum n dad’s storage room and find cool stuff =) This time is an old external speaker .

It doesn’t have volume control but it has bass & treble control hahahahah !! Rad !

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