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Earlier this year I came across a band that I though was from Indonesia through Vincent Moon website which show cases amazing bands & musician from all over the world. Amidst all the foreign names is Malaikat & Singa which turns out to be from Olympia, Washington.

The first time I saw that take away video … I am hooked ! It’s like Indonesian experimental throat singing meets music for Wayang puppets in a much more primal way. This particular song and video captured the beastly energy of it. I knew right away that eventually Arrington de Dionyso will bring Malaikat & Singa to Indonesia … and he did =) Lets just say his arrival is highly anticipated by musicians, artist and enthusiast.

One morning I was just aimlessly checking facebook updates and found out that Arrington will be performing in Ruang Rupa so I tied up my work , bought a bus ticket and went down to Jakarta ! Apparently he just got into Jakarta 2 days before and this gig was pretty much spontaneous =)

Arrington will be spending time in Jogjakarta forming his local band and creating new works. I cannot imagine the awesomeness that would be the result of that , he’s also planning to collaborate with Wukir who creates his own unique bamboo musical instruments ! Then he would give a tour with his band. He’s also planning to perform at  Jakarta Noise Fest #3

Arrington, welcome to Indonesia !

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Bandung Rock Festival is an annual event for loud rock music. The event is held in a military compound … yes … there were tanks parked, military officers walking up and down and it’s i,5 hour away by Angkot ( public transport ) from Bandung city … perhaps a result of a stampede tragedy few years ago. I guess if anyone wants to pick a fight and create chaos in this gig … just open fire … hahahhaah!

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I went to a fund raising gig with my friends from IADS at Home Club.They’re performing with several other bands that I want to see. There a bazaar outside the club that started from 4 pm . All profit goes to help Caracal to participate the Toronto Music Festival.

I Am David Sparkle

B Quartet

Here a band that apparently has been around for 10 years and only made 2 albums. I feel lucky to have seen their gig and I fell in love with the music right away!

Check out their sound at

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There’s nothing more satisfying than to support awesome indie bands. This really cool band from Singapore, I Am David Sparkle was touring from Jakarta, Bandung, Jogja and last stop is Bali. For their last gig, 2 aspiring band from Jakarta, Ghaust & Kelelawar Malam came along . I organized the gig at RAW, sunset road.

The Gotham

A dark wave band from Bali opens the gig.

To check out their sound go to


Instrumental post rock band from Jakarta. I’ve been following this band for about 1,5  year and finally they’re coming. The last time I organized a gig in 2009, I invited them but the drummer was sick and cannot make the gig. They’re like one of my favorite Indo bands.

Check their sound out at and for news on their current or upcoming projects check out

Kelelawar Malam

A gothic metal punk band from Jakarta inspired by Indonesia old horror movies. Catchy tunes and becoming really popular.

Check their sound at for news and updates about them check out

I Am David Sparkle ( IADS )

The main act all the way from Singapore ! Their music is both heavy yet textural.

Check them out

It was a small gig but it was awesome to share such good music. I was really touched by how each band was supporting each others performances. That’s a sign of a very good scene and relationship.

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My boyfriend told me to take leave on Sept 24 for a surprise trip. I really didn’t know what was going on. I only knew that I’m going to KL when he sent me the itinerary details yet I wonder … why KL ? At the time, I have been so busy at work I didn’t even know Russian Circles were coming to Asia. We went to the concert hall but I didn’t see any gig poster or anything that would indicate whose performing. All I saw was dudes in black shirts. I this a metal gig ? but who ?

I only found out when we went inside the concert hall and I saw the organizer’s tag !!  The only weird thing about it was it ‘s  sitting venue but it did not stop us from head banging =) After the gig we met up and hung out with Dave, Mike and Brian of Russian Circles.

We end the trip with a super brunch of Bangers n Mash, bloody mary and a cold Guinness before heading to the airport  =)

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After a few months , 2 gigs , a lightning fast recording … they launched their EP and had their last gig for the season. We held a skate, music & BBQ party that was awesome . The turn out was very surprising with a great mixture of kids to adult , people from all over .

Everybody had fun , skating or just hanging around to eat, drink n chat  =) it’s all good !

As the sun sets behind the trees …the action begins …

The Bands

The Mosh pit

The Crowd

After the party …


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After their first debut , Bule Rijek had a second show on Saturday, 23 Jan 2010 with Devil Dice at Twice Bar.

They we’re a bit sloppy but more at ease and there for more depth in their sound. All in all it was a better show than their first one. A mosh pit was created and they played cover of the A-team song for their last song which was brilliant ! GREAT SHOW !!

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