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On my way to visit the high lands of Dieng, Central Java .

On the bus to Dieng via Wonosobo

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Street cables in Vietnam fascinates me ! I’m actually compiling all the street cable pictures I’ve taken in my 3 trips to Vietnam and will post a photo blog about it … just because it’s so fascinating and bizarre =)

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I am back in Vietnam !!

Where this stack of dosh equals Rp 200.000 or almost 20USD

Spotted a weird construction that look like remnants of a space rocket

…and dudes transporting over sized building material on rickshaws.

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This hidden small rustic chic paradise is located in East Bali. The bungalows surround a lush garden and they have a wood deck overlooking the ocean. They have 2 rooms that has their own sun deck and private garden, they also have rooms with 3-5 beds which is great for family or sharing. The atmosphere is so nice and quiet.

Check it out their website for more info :

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Visiting the presidential palace may seem like a tourist thing to do but beside getting to know more about the country you get to check out some cool interior details =) Check out the retro light and furniture. If you like military stuff , there the basement area which used to be their military head quarters .

I love this sign … Crypto section heheheh

I love this table with just 2 phone, it’s like your job is just to receive a call or make ” the call ” .

Have you ever wonder what that big red button do ??

This is an old film projector . Cool massive device.

This is not a DJ set but it could be their radio station. Propaganda machine?

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One night my friend Huy took me to this place called Cot Dien that seem awesome from some of the gig pictures I’ve seen. This cafe is so tucked away inside an alley and it’s super small but very cool. No rock gig tonight but some acoustic instead.

Funny coincidence happened … so while in Saigon I’ve been looking up on this legendary musician named Trinh Con Son, people refer him as the John Lennon of Vietnam. I’ve never heard his music before but heard so much about him. That night Huy’s friend Alex went on to play some guitar and sang in Vietnamese. Listening to the music it felt passionate yet peaceful and I just had a hunch and asked Huy : ” Is this a Trinh Con Son cover ?? ” and Huy said ” Yes !! ” .

Lucky me =)

I heard he never made a recording and his song just resonate through the people and get passed on that way but Huy told me he had some recordings. So next time I go to Saigon I will hunt for some.

Meanwhile check out Trinh con son atĀ

Alex playing Trinh Con Son like a guerrilla musician

My good friend Huy

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It’s hard not to end up here … it’s like the Kuta of Bali or Kausan of Bangkok. This time we found our fave spot where they serve Chimay beerĀ  and since we’re starting to become regulars … the bartender sometimes would give us free home made cinnamon vodka shots !!

This is supposed to be funny. The Vietnam currency is called Vietnam Dong …. Dong … in american slang its … well you know what …

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