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Sometimes I wish my camera can also capture/record smells that would enhance the visual of what I capture therefor generating more ideas through the whole ambiance !! is it too much to ask ? unrealistic ? …not in my sketchbook =P

A little something for Illustration Friday , this week topic : ROBOT


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I was cleaning up my work desk , looking through old sketches unfinished drawings and found a pastel sketch that i made …. maybe 4 years ago? At some point I had interest in making drawings from black oil pastel. I never finished this sketch because at that time I feel her pose was so sad =(


Fast forward 2013…I found her again with a different eye. I find her pose … yes, slightly sad like remorse, regret or it could also be surrender. We all surrender to something and when we give ourselves to something infinite within and without … we feel grace and beauty.



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Some marking exercise I for this amazing online Surface Design course I’m participating from Do What You Love . I love doing these so much I wish I have all week to do it and explore !




At some point I tried creating marks with a dry leave fig thing . The result is pretty cool =)



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Forces and Spirits of nature has become a natural inspiration in many of my works lately. Cliché it may sound but the infinite realm of the subject has given me the freedom that allows my illustration to mold into its own accord. These are visual stories coming from reality, dreams and whispers. This is the universe through my eyes.


Sometimes it’s hard to give a tittle to something that means universal to me.  There’s a lot of metaphor in this one page, it’s a story , a symbol, maybe a philosophy? Perhaps it’s a combination of experiences that I subconsciously try to encapsulate in a page …

Nature Spirit. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Wonder Woman. Watercolor illustration.2012

The Ghost that molds your thoughts. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Many years ago, I was infatuated with the void and the sky … then as I study through mythology I found Nyx/Nox, Greek Goddess of the night which in a way is similar to Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky. Amazing how I’ve already felt the connection even before I know who they are or what they are, that ancient culture has acknowledged their presence. I’m still trying to find the Indonesian version of this entity. Even though the figure looks like a woman…I have no intention to establish any gender.

Nox. Watercolor illustration.2012

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A few fellow artist and I decided to do a small art exhibition in Seminyak, Bali. The name POTLUCK is about having different artist show their work without any particular theme. The goal is to introduce these artist, share their work and just hang out to have fun =)

Asakoo A Ilkivova, Slovakia. Mix media illustration.

Aniza Santo, Indonesia. Watercolor illustration.

My Serpentine hair. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Avian dream. Watercolor illustration. 2012

Yunus Ogier. Stabilo marker & pen illustration

Riri , Indonesia. Digital Art.

Kas, Indonesia. Digital Art

Song Yue, Singapore/China. Photography.

It was a good moment because my friend Kelly Donahue ( below ) from America, is in Java to do ceramic workshops. She was also doing a mini tour to perform her  lovely music and it all came together. Kelly get to perform in POTLUCK exhibition and also exhibit her work.

Kelly Donahue, America. Ceramic & illustrations

Song Yue and Zio, the gallery owner.

My friend Jesse chilling out and doing live sketches.

It was a lovely night indeed. Good works. amazing music and great people coming to enjoy =)

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One of my obsession is the sky . Looking at the sky, taking photos of the sky, talking to the sky or just feeling that my home is up there. Often times I see things in the clouds. Their abstract shapes would trigger emotion and visuals … this is also one of the main reason why I take photos of the sky & cloud, because the are telling me stories.

For my first collective exhibition I took this inspiration where I would print my photographs on medium weight paper and create illustrations on top of them with water colors that in a way it would blend together. The hardest part is to work in subtle way so that both the photographs and watercolor work are balance and tells a story.

I’ve never done this before nor practice this technique. I just went with it =)

The Lovers

Amon Ra

The Rainbow Serpent


The Moon Goddess and the Demon

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